Our Labs -


Maths lab. has opened a new avenue for Mathematics teaching and learning where concrete objects are handled and games are played. For Primary classes, we have Jodo Gyan activities like abacus, Game of Place value, Ganit Mala, Rangometry, Puzzle.

For Middle wing we have portraits of Great Mathematicians, PVC Chart of Graph, Midpoint Theorem Kit, Ring Theorem, Derivation of value of pie and other items as per CBSE Board syllabus.

Our maths teachers have also attended workshop conducted by Jodo Gyan Research Centre


We have a well equipped Chemistry Lab. having complete paraphernalia required for conducting all experiments mandated by CBSE. Electronic and chemical balances, centrifugal machine and all the requisite apparatus are made available to the students in adequate numbers to prepare them for practical exams as well as higher studies afterwards.

The lab can accommodate 25 students at a time. Practicals done in batches inculcate the spirit of "one team-one goal" in these budding scientists. The excitement before and sense of achievement after practicals is always a treat to watch. The best moment the lab experiences is when the students of junior classes come and get their first exposure to the world of science, with wide open mouths.

The recently refurbished Chemistry Lab. is undoubtedly jewel in the crown of SDPS.



Biology Department of the school is very well equipped with all amenities, advance apparatus and good infrastructure for secondary and senior secondary classes. A number of museum specimens school garden with live plants and flowers, charts and models are there which are used as teaching aids by the faculty. The students are introduced with the rich biodiversity here. Students perform a number of experiments and projects in the laboratory under the guidance of their teacher



SDPS has two furnished Computer Labs., one in Primary wing for classes I to VIII and one lab. in Senior wing for classes IX to XII. Both computer labs are fully air-conditioned and equipped with adequate number of terminals with latest configurations and in Senior Lab. we have more than 25 computers with internet connectivity for the use of students and teachers.

Senior and Junior Students enjoy interactive learning process as well as demonstration of educational CD's through PCs and LCD in the school . Special care is taken regularly to guide the students for National Level Competitive Examinations in computers like National Cyber Olympiad etc. In tune with the changing times, Computer Labs provides basic to advanced know-how to its students to help them keep abreast with the latest technological happenings. Each lab has a dedicated server loaded with programs like C++, Java, Adobe Photoshop, Q-Basic, Logo, Ls-Office 2000, MySql , Internet Explorer and oracle etc. Special conducive learning environment is provided to Class XII students so that they can work on C++ projects. Class X students learns how to design the webpages of website according to CBSE syllabus. Class IX students are trained with software applications as per CBSE requirements. These labs are equipped with Multimedia Computers providing right balance to the young minds to learn technology in a play way method.

The school has well –qualified , trained computer faculties who makes learning about computers an enjoyable experience for the students.