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Dr. Meenakshi Gupta


  • When vision hauls expectations
    and innovation challenges the potential
    It is then that the real journey begins

    Teaching is the most dynamic profession and we at SDPS are directing our energies towards shaping the mindscape of our students.  In order to create global citizens for the future society, we continue to grapple with innovative and indigenous practices to meet the needs of the learners.  The basic objective behind education is to make every individual understand the fact that the entire world is one and just one, not many.  This is what we at SDPS are trying to do. We as an institution believe that education is about choices in life. 

    Education is justice as the base of all our decisions and education is liberty from constraints of stereotypes.  Infact education is to seek the truth of life.  It is only due to the proactive intervention from the worthy management and sincere efforts of my learned staff, that the school has scaled such heights of success.  Now we are proud member of the global Microsoft Community as MSFT (Microsoft Fellow Trainer School).

    We at SDPS strive to equip students with a clear vision and empower them to successfully achieve their mission in life.

    Always in peace !