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Dr. Meenakshi Gupta


  • “Education is a belief that beyond the walls of power, there is a home for humanity.”

    The entire purpose of education is to make our children learn to live a meaningful, happy and contented life. In this constantly changing world, we need to equip our children to keep the pace  but at the same time remain rooted.

    This year we are celebrating 150th anniversary of Mahatma Gandhiso letsunderstand and acknowledge this mortal man with his immortal ideology which inspires us to have courage that need no hand, strength that needs no arms and truth that needs no testimony. It is the time to realize and search our inner strength. World today is at the systemic breakdown and we are at the cross roads of moral dilemma. Our children need to be cautious of the seven social sins-“ Politics without principles, wealth without work, commerce without morality, education without character, pleasure without conscience, science without humanity and worship without sacrifice.

    During the ongoing war between mind and materialism, we at SDPS are instilling the positivity in the young hearts. We are providing them a carefree environment to uphold freedom of expression and creativity so as to enable them to build a good self image, a high self esteem and a positive attitude.

    Its all due to the guidance of our worthy management, sincere efforts of staff members and unconditional support of the parents that my young achievers are shinning brighter and brighter day by day.

    I wish my children a very bright future and success in and every endeavor.

    Lets be the change we wish to see in this world.

    Always in peace!